36 Weeks: Heavy Load

At 9 months + 2 days pregnant I had quite enough of feeling broken. Must all my upper body experience a crippling torture these days? How is it that my right ribs are no longer suffering a dull ache at the kicks of Seahorse, but are agonized by an acute stabbing pain? Time to visit one of our doctors…

9 Months pregnant and the pain I endure...OMG!

9 Months pregnant and the pain I endure…OMG!

Dr. Sujata patiently listened to my moans and took some notes but very quickly shut me up with an invitation to lie down in order to scan our fetus. At 36 weeks and a couple of days gestation, Seahorse is still considered pre-term (if born now). However if born in 6 days, at 37 weeks, our little critter would be deemed full term and ready to breathe in Dubai air.

So if trouble is indeed brewing in my womb, manifest by all this physical torment I endure, its best to catch it right away. Scan away, Dr. Sujata! What did she find? One heartily-sized Seahorse. Already near 3kg!! And what long legs…which kick – directly into my right ribs.

Goodness: already 3kg with another 4 weeks to go. Now that’s a heavy load…

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