03-05-17 Morning School Run with JiaJia

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Mornings are a pleasure now that the telly has been permanently unplugged and Kingsley’s routine consists of 12 hours sleep, a hearty Greek breakfast, gentle music and the odd bit of dance as well as some play before heading out to meet Mr. Mixăli on the morning school run.

This morning JiaJia Dora was radiant in a head to toe black and white ensemble, a pop of colour for her handbag and a new hair do care of our local maestro Pröthromos. Dorötheos didn’t let her hand go during our wait for the school bus. In fact he almost pulled her into the bus so much love he has for a) the little yellow bus routine, b) attending preschool and b) his super JiaJia whom he shares breakfast with every morning.

He’s usually up these days before the alarm so we’ve plenty of time to face the day with a full belly and a good attitude. Today’s morning begins at 7am with soft chatting to himself, asking to blow his nose, a wee, back into bed with me then playing and singing. When he at long last hears his JiaJia stir Kingsley asks to hop into bed with her…and for the nest 10 minutes he bed hops.

With 12 hours of sleep each night his mind is so rested, so energised, so ready to learn he literally asks for breakfast and ‘when is the school bus coming to get me?’