16-05-16 Touchdown Greece

Monday 16th May 2016

It’s 11am, and we are on board, bound for Athena! I have surprised myself for actually getting us ready, fed, packed, to the airport, through the gate, all on time. We are seated 38 D & E, next to a family of six month old twin boys. Parents are frazzled. Kingsley adores them, plays coo-coo, touches their faces (mother freaks out), so he touches their feet (father freaks out). Kingsley is wild on board running up through all the cabins and removes a packet of pocket kleenex from a business class passenger’s top pocket and all his dollars fall out.

Next, while seated (or more precisely, standing on our seat) he swoops down into the drinks cart, selects a bottle of Hennessy, and promptly hands it to the fun and spirited grandpa behind us, who is thrilled to receive it, because he claps and cheers that ‘it’s a great drop of whiskey, this!!’

This very grandpa has just fed K a chocolate and the boy is now more out of control excitably jumping over the back of our seats. The chocolate will keep him up for hours now. Boo, cause it’s his sleepy time. Unexpected Joy: Kingsley and I pass out for an hour or so.

At Athens airport thèo Giorgio waiting to collect us! I have no idea that he is coming so actually take my sweet time clearing customs and baggage collection. In fact take hours in there…but there he is! Still smoke free, and so his car is fresh smelling. The drive to Saronida is pleasant, the weather outstanding, and right now, at 7:30pm, we are beachside as the water and climate of the Mediterranean is truly wow. I am so glad we are here. Already Kingsley plays on the sand, collecting rocks. Now he chases a pigeon. Just before he poo and wee in the sand (good citizen I am, I collect the poo and dispose of it in a bin).

Dinner for both of us consists of Greek yoghurt (straggistô), Kalamáta olives, tsakistá olives, kritharènia paximáthia, Greek fried egg and sweet portokália from Xaniá!