06-11-17 Daddy for the School Run

Monday 6th November 2017

For the very first time Daddy Erroll does the afternoon school run. Kingsley is beside himself once he looks out the window of the sxoliko and sees his hero daddy waiting for him with a carton of chocolate milk…



Today we surprised Kingsley at school, with a visit! Miss Sophia let us peek inside Miss Xrisoūla’s classroom to see him seated among his classmates about to start eating their lunch (xilopītes; hus favourite). He looked up to the door and slowly slowly a smile spread across his face. He lifted his little hand and waved them whispered ‘daddy!’ All his wee friends were in awe, mouths hanging open, asking ‘is thst your Ba-Bāh, Dorötheě?’ Yes its my daddy, he answered without ever letting his eyesight leave Erroll.

And best of all, Kingsley not once left his seat. Listened to Miss Xrisoūla and obeyed her rule to never leave your seat while at lunch without asking first.