15-03-18 Bangalow Bowlo

Thursday 15th March 2018

Eghhh jet lag has Kingsley (and me) up from 3:30 till 5:30. And when Oma wakes us completely passed out Kingsley literally sleeping on my head and chest it was near impossible to get him up.

But up we get, swim, play blocks, in the front garden climbing the tree house. Breakfast is eggs sour dough bread and grapes. Heaven!

A baby Chino at the cafe then to watch the horse jumping and play at the bowlo. Kingsley keeps asking older kids ‘do you want to play’. ‘ Nah; I’m good’ they reply. He’s now climbing the outdoor play structure with ease the champ that he is with a little girl named Abbie whom he asks ‘what’s your number?’ [I translate with what’s your favourite number]. She answered ‘8’. He tells her ‘My name is Kingsley and I am 4. It was my birthday and I was 3 now I turned 4.’

You’re a girl. I a boy. Now let’s go underneath. See I have many hair. See? [Pointing to his head]