21-06-19 Kingsley: Play Date with Girls

Friday 21st June 2019

A first for us: to be invited on a playdate with girls. Today at the beach park Kingsley, Teah and Mia are ready for fun which means we forego jiu-jitsu for this wonderful opportunity for social interaction.

Erroll at first balked at the idea of Kingsley ‘going on a playdate with girls when he’s got training for his upcoming jiu-jitsu the comp…’. But I explained how important it is for the gentle side of Kingsley to come through. Its critical! He  agreed of course.

So the afternoon progresses well: kids playing running and jumping after seagulls. The picnic is laid out; all the croissants and brioche buns are eaten up. Now for the yoghurt squirts to be polished off but the scamps begin chucking the squeezy packs at the seagulls which squall and flap. We all laugh.

Then the squeal of pain: Teah has been hit; by a squeezy yoghurt (closed). How? Kingsley threw it at her. Landed on her face. Poor Teah is in tears. I ROAR. Kingsley runs away and embarrassed / ashamed won’t return to our picnic.

The girls go after him – to let him know he’s still very much loved but they prefer the gentle Kingsley to the rough one. The love and fun continues and the mums pour some more wine.

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