08-11-20 Twins: Zoo Friends

Sunday 8th November 2020

Its yet again a miracle we’re our the door by 10:15 en route to the zoo to meet with Kingsley’s buddy Victor and his family. Two families including 5 kids to explore the animals and eat our way through 4 bags full of food.

Kiddies want to be out of the buggy however, exploring by foot (Keanu) and being held by Erroll (Elektra) favourite means of transport. They’re beyond exhausted but the upside is that both nap for an hour each the downside being their sleep isn’t synchronised. So I’m stuck outside of the elephant enclosure for 2 hours watching babies snore.

Still, the naps bring calmness to the woken child and pleasantness in all our dealings. They’re happy and fun to have around once napped but immediately before the nap is disaster: Erroll had to excuse himself from the bird show because the wild overtired hyper stimulated Keanu couldn’t keep still. He brings the child to me, Elektra soon after wakes, we swap children: nappy changed into the buggy goes Keanu bottle in mouth he’s out like lights within minutes. Elektra now smiling being held by μπαμπά nappy changed too she’s ready for adventure. So off they go to the reptiles leaving me again on pram duty with a sleeping Keanu.

WWith both kids rested our drive home was the most enjoyable we’ve ever had.

Highlight of the day is chancing upon a training session with the seal right in front of our very eyes Keanu centimetres from the bucket of fish & squid used by the trainers with the seal. That, and Elektra clocking eyes on the Komodo dragon. Mesmerised!