06-06-20 Twins: Dinner Next Door

Saturday 6th June 2020

A first for us as a family: to attend our neighbour’s dinner party with all 3 kids in tow. Kingsley of course is buddies with Jake and Liam so goes early to play with them carrying a tasty cake care of Dora. We follow half an hour later with our wontons who do so well to stay up in strange surroundings and even play with the two dogs.

Elektra is ever so charming wanting to be walked by Jake whereas Keanu is satisfied to plonk on the couch to play Whale with Liam. Kingsley becomes jealous wanting his buddies all to himself and at one point asks me to remove Elektra from Jake’s bedroom as she is a distraction!!

Dinner is served, not one of the Hartley kids sits still let alone at the dinner table, Kingsley even unwilling to eat as the telly is turned on, and before long Elektra loses the plot from tiredness. A bottle in the mouth then before Γιαγιά Dora’s cake is cut I’m off to put the hysterical lady to bed.

Keanu the animal fairs better: he can cope with extreme exhaustion without falling into a screaming heap. So daddy brings Keanu and Kingsley home later on after the cake is inhaled!