07-04-20 Twins: Sylvia’s Chooks

Tuesday 7th April 2020

A first: visit Sylvia and Matt, get lost on a road I’ve driven on for the past 11 years, come face to face with 4 adolescent chooks, watch as the babies sit on the picnic blanket like statues mesmerised by the pecking girls, listen to Elektra say her first word in both Greek and English dad & μπαμπά.

Age does not stop her: Elektra chooses her own παξιμάδια and stands strong and shout on her feet for the longest time! Keanu is turning into a hesd banger who tortures himself by refusing his naps. Of course I make sure he is st least resting in the buggy but we have better luck in the car driving to Sylvia’s – both babies out for the count.