06-03-17 Safa Park Family Day

Monday 6th March 2017

Today I took a few hours to myself to meet up with old work mate whom I’ve not seen in the two years I have been away from Meraas and who is dealing with a very aggressive form of cancer, for the second time round. Us girls met to stroll along the Dubai Water Canal while Erroll took over Kingsley duties in the morning, then met up with us in the afternoon for a family day at Safa Park. I wrote Erroll an email of gratitude at 10:30 PM while he slept and Kingsley was up eating rice bubbles.

I very much appreciate you taking over daddy daycare duties for me to meet up with Grace and of course that you met her was specal.

Her rare aggressive cancer is throwing her about. Her husband is very nervous about losing his wife, and is a wreck. I am soooo glad I made the effort to contact her and that you were here!

Today was a special day to me because Kingsley mentioned at least twice that we are together “as a family: mumma, ba-Bah and Ninni”; remember? We were walking to the furthest playgrounds at Safa Park. I was moved. 

These are character building days for our son, and mark a new level of confidence for him knowing how a family operates: together.

I love you poppet.

Here is our day in colour…