19-09-19 Twins: Out till Dark

Thursday 19th September 2019

Here is an experiment that taught me a lot tonight: putting all three to bed together at the same time in the same bed after keeoing them out till 8pm is not a wise move. It doesn’t work. But causes great anxiety. All three are crying, emotional, screaming, needy, anxious, determined to resist sleep. ARGHH! 10PM THEY’RE FINALLY DOWN.

But that’s at night. In the day we’re dandy even take their nap after breakfast. And in the buggy they nap too the movements of a bus ride lulling them all the way home from jiu-jitsu. But once home in the darkness I pay the price for keeping all three out late. And I’m by myself !

But I choose to forget rocking Keanu while Elektra cries to be held and Kingsley is alarmed the instant I walk out the room and me in loud hushed toned hiss ‘nani, NANI!’ What I’ll remember is these two scamps eating sour dough rolls as they watch big brother dance with his big stick…