30-05-17 Farewell Familia

Tuesday 30th May 2017

Last day in paradise for Oma, Mika, James and Tilly. By 4:15pm you’re kissing Tilly’s toes, hugging Oma, cuddling Mika and high-fiving Jimmy goodbye. You climb in the bus to give Oma one last bear hug and can’t stop staring at your cousin, who smiles right back at you. While I was receiving a massage you and Oma make plans for a Bangalow visit. There you will swim each day, attend preschool, visit farms and learn about chooks. Mummà is all for it!

Here’s your day before we as a little family checked out of the Bhuri Wing and into the luxury of our new Superior Suite on the Shores of Serenity. Photos tomorrow as Mumma is still in shock at our new glamorous digs.