17-08-17 Baniyas Square

Thursday 17th August 2017

Today’s adventures in Dubai take us over the other side of The Creek – to places I’ve only heard about: Baniyas Square, Al Rigga, Union and to cool off, of course a mall, Al Ghurair. Its unreal exploring Old Dubai. We mainly stick around the floating Dhows, mince along the boardwalk, collect bottle tops at Sir Baniyas Park and enjoy the unusual breeze that come from exploring the mouth of our incredible and historic Creek opening up into the Arabian Gulf.

Apart from one other blonde woman Kingsley and I are the only Westerners at Al Rigga. No locals here either. 100% mix here Philippine and Indian nationals. Our shop at Al Ghurair Carrefour is surprisingly inexpensive. About 20% cheaper than MOE.

Old Dubai is fascinating and I am so glad to have taken Kingsley for a ride there. Of course there is no better way than a dip in the pool at Rolex Tower to wash away a day of urban exploration. So at night once we reach Financial Centre Metro that’s where we head…