09-08-20 Kingsley: Cousinly Party

Sunday 9th August 2020

This party Kingsley has been waiting for since these cousins came to the Twins Baby Disco back in March (when our trampoline worked). Since then covid has struck but 5 months between Playdates is almost criminal. So Casa Coogee hosted a big one. 10 games were played! Masks made, crowns too. The kids pinned the parrot on the pirate and played Afternoon Tea (Kingsley won). They decorated a gingerbread house then smashed it. Every wheelie ride on toy was ridden and crashed. Each child received gifts and secretly I’m thrilled that Mia came across as ungrateful for hers (I thought it was only Kingsley the ungrateful sod embarrassing me at parties! Even today as he audibly rejects Johanna’s lamb μανέστρα). Numerous icecreams are eaten, Kingsley’s secret chocolate stash comes out as he offers pieces to his three cousins. They run the length of the house for the next 15 minutes. At one stage they’re decorating cupcakes then the adults lose control: Kingsley is triumphantly brandishing a lighter pilot, lighting a flametto a dozen candles, the pyro that he is. Eva was desperate for musical statues so that’s how we finished off.