11-11-19 Kingsley: Gingerbread House

Monday 11th November 2019

On our way home from jiu-jitsu, a kind lady named Helene offered Kingsley her freshly made gingerbread house. Because she took a liking to us, she said. Here we are at 6:15pm commuting home on the packed 353 bus service, she’s seated, we’re standing up Kingsley being delightful, me being calm, Keanu a dreamboat and chattering away when she offers us her seat. Kingsley thanks her ‘no! You sit’ we insist then from next to her she produces a magnificent Christmas gingerbread house ‘all edible’ she says.

I’d like to give it to you, she offers Kingsley the cellophane package and his eyes widen. Oh yeas! I’ve never had a gingerbread house ever!! He thanks her many times and on my encouragement gives the grandma a cuddle where she’s seated.