13-12-17 White Christmas

Thursday 14th December 2017

I was forced out of bed this late morning. Kingsley woke I noted at 9 or so but I was a sack of potatoes; unable to lift my head (or eyes). Serves me right for staying up till 6am binge-watching Netflix’ The Crown (riveting!).

Ipad could baby sit him an hour and a half while I fell into deep sleep. So by 11 Kingsley is chirpiness itself encouraging me to ‘get up, mummà’. He even went so far as to open the curtains a little exclaiming ‘the sun is up! Lets play.’ Poor creature dealing with a mummy who’s just discovered excellence in a series!!

Made it up to him though, and I mean all day I was a fantastic play companion / chauffeur and tolerant mum. I made a pact with myself to engage him in 1) learning activities which are entertaining and 2) take him to a Christmassy event in our city.

On the first count we painted with water colours on the balcony using a plastic 15-egg container as our paint pots. Kingsley happily gobbles up an egg, French fries, an apple and a banana while we create a masterpiece. Next we play Hungry Hippos and then draw with pencils.

On the second count we discovered a beautiful white themed Christmas installation at Burjuman Centre. Kingsley threw himself in with abandon! Favourite activities: completing the giant snowmsn puzzles and snow fights. He picked up two little girls and the three of them ran riot. They were older; he happily followed their lead. At one point all three go spend a moment with the girls’ mums. Discussions are had. The three kids then come to me and ask whether they can take Kingsley ‘with them’! Ha ha! I ask where to? Why, to Magic Kingdom of course the older girl says.