Kingsley: Ramadan Day 22

Monday 21st July 2014

Exactly this time last year I was finally showing. It took almost five months for me to look pregnant (and thereby earn someone’s seat on the metro). But with clothes on, I just looked a little, well, thick about the middle.

Back then, every afternoon after work I’d strip off my work gear and proudly stick out my belly for Erroll to admire. I was thrilled each time Erroll pretended to be shocked at how ‘big’ I was becoming, the human factory for our little Seahorse to be built within. He would encourage healthy and plentiful eating, if I remember correctly. All in the name of providing nutrition to our budding bebe of course.

It was also Ramadan so my eating was done behind closed doors. Same as now. Only now I eat because of an insatiable appetite; for our Seahorse has grown into Kingsley and our seven month old treasure is insatiable for milk. Even now Erroll emboldens me to chow down, bless him.

Oh look: it two past seven. Time to break fast. Off I go now to eat till my heart’s content!

Exactly one year ago, exactly five months pregnant.

Exactly one year ago, exactly five months pregnant.

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