20-09-18 Day 5 with JiaJia

Thursday 20th September 2018

A letter to Oma & Mika…

Hi ladies!

Today your son/bro got to experience the mighty Temple of Olympian Zeus. We walked about historic Psiri, Plaka, Monastirāki and are now eating greek at a cool taverna called ‘Tzatziki’.

He is tanned, strong and fun. And we sleep only 9 hours a night! If you recall his Dubai days he’d need 13-15 hours a night asleep just to function. Now we’re out of the Athens apartment and on walking tours of at least 10-12 kilometers a day.
While we explore Athens & surrounds for the fourth day straight Linus is enjoying camping out with JiaJia in Saronītha. Their routine is enjoyed by both: mornings Linus turns to JiaJia and greets her, straightens his leg over to her bed for rubs, goes to the loo but this morning she told me he couldn’t as he had a κόκαλο  (!!!). His πουλί eventually went down and he wee’d.
Our day in Athens…