Conception: Seal

Live In Dubai on Saturday 30 March 2013 – SEAL!!!

This was the news all over the UAE, through every media channel for weeks leading up to the Meydan World Cup of Horseracing, where Seal was going to play. I was very excited of course, seeing that I had been invited to be his photographer while he was in Dubai on tour. My God: my very first rock concert photo gig. What was I going to wear? (Black of course). How should I act in front of the superstar? (Cool to be sure). Would I contain my excitement or jump all over him like a crazed fan I wondered…

Well I need not have contemplated that last question for too long because I was on strict doctor’s orders: no jumping, no dancing vigorously, absolutely no strenuous exertions and woe betide me were my temperature to hike up. And why? BECAUSE I WAS NEWLY PREGNANT!

That’d be right: my first rock concert photography gig and I am freshly knocked up. Yesterday’s blood test said so! For the first time in my life I had a positive pregnancy test which showed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the hormone hCG was high high HIGH. A tiny passenger was beginning to grow inside of me, not that anyone could tell. And I certainly wasn’t going to disclose to the events team that their photographer was expecting.

I may not have jumped all over Seal throughout his performance, but I did manage to snuggle up to him back stage! Blame those pregnancy hormones…


Me with some of the DUVENT Team bringing Seal to Dubai. Backstage, Meydan Race Track Dubai

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