02-12-18 Big Fat Greek BBQ

Sunday 2nd December 2018

Our day is already full with a friend’s big fat greek BBQ but that doesn’t stop these two from going to the beach this morning for a body surf. Today Kingsley even wears the new shoes Oma got him: blue waterproof rock climbing shoes perfect for Giles rock pool.

They’re back at 12noon tanned and salty…and carrying a body board: he asked for one, Erroll implored. In the surf Kingsley wondered why the other kids were using boards to body surf when he only had his dad to get steady on. On the way home the natural progression was to get a Magnum then buy his very first body board.

By 3pm we’re all entering Litsa and Stan’s home for what us Greeks understand as a typical BBQ but others experience as a true feast. Drinks, booze, food, meats, BBQ, seafood, the lot spread on for a big crowd. And we fit right in.

Kingsley made a friend, 6 year old Olympia – Litsa’s neice. These two played Snakes & Ladders, Scrabble and Jenga (that is when I succeeded in tearing out of his hand Nicholas’ phone – bloody on line games addiction).

Home at 9pm pooped, stuffed and desperate for a shower. All of us!