Kingsley: New School Year ’17/’18 in Greece

Autumn 2017

As of the 4th of September the new school year begins for students in Greece. Kingsley is one of them. And joining lots of other preschoolers at his school Aeìpolis in Lagonìssi, he witnesses the village priest bless mums, children, teachers and especially Miss Sophia our Principal before the year gets underway.

Kingsley is excited to attend, curious, open, comfortable and alert. First thing he did once settled in class was choose a book ‘Dora the Little Explorer’ and quietly read telling me to ‘keep quiet’. The kids were left to satisfy their curiosity and use games and toys, play outside and make new friends.

In the afternoon once home from school he gets a treat: tv. By 3pm we’re at the beach swimming and making even more new friends. Kostandìnos the 6 year old teaches Kingsley ball games (korōido) and lets him win at running racing.

By 6pm JiaJia Dora is rubbing Kingsley’s back and telling him stories. At 6:30pm the little student expires for the day. Out till morning and the second day of school begins…

September and October school months here we come!