30-10-17 No Shame Boob Monster

Monday 30th October 2017

Yesterday after school Linus got to eat souvlāki with JiaJia Dora at the taverna then at 4pm I met them at the pediki hara to take over kiddie duties and play while JiaJia went off to cook.

He is wearing the Nike jacket Rachael and Woodie gave him two years ago. Its perfect! Note the boob attack again. He’s got no shame when it comes to the boob. Our neighbour Louisa tells me her Fīvos (now aged 5.5) is still prone to attacks of his inner boob monster.
There we were just Kingsley and I at the playground waiting for other kids to arrive when he must have caught sight of an inch of flesh. Then all I see is he coming at me and hear ‘Vizī; VIZĪ!’ Then its all over for me (the kiddo is very strong and determined). So i just wait it out till he self settles and I say to myself ‘ima taking photographic evidence of this boob obsession’ while he does…