30-07-16 JiaJia at Rio’s Gender Reveal

Saturday 30th July 2016

Today is the exciting day Rio’s friends find out the gender of her baby. We all gather at Darine’s home in The Greens for lunch, bring a plate of food, let the kids run amok and cut a cake which will reveal from the colour of its spongy insides, whether baby Downie-Hurst is a boy or a girl. I have my money on it being a boy.

JiaJia Dôra and I shop in the morning, and cook a Caribbean dish (rice and peas) as part of our group lunch, and together we take the metro to Darine’s. Here all the friends arrive for a big Caribean feast: Sunny, Rio, Min, Camilla, Rio, and a very loud day where nothing is left unbroken and food is sprayed on all surfaces. Five kids together in closed quarters, running, screaming, hitting, crying, lying, shitting, make all adults present swear off large families. JiaJia Dôra keeps her cool and is a hit with everyone, our coconut rice is demolished, and by the evening Sunny feels so sorry for us she drives us to our door.

By the way, baby Downie-Hurst is a BOY!


JiaJia Dôra with Davaughn.