03-09-19 Twins: 12 Hours Straight

Tuesday 3rd September 2019

These babies are champion darlings who don’t grumble nor complain when I schlep them about for hours on end. No crying and no whining. Just smiles and an ever ready willingness to be part of the Hartley adventures.

Today’s trek begins at 6am with wakes ups – Keanu slept through the night for second night in a row, and Elektra was in bed for 12 hours straight – when Kingsley comes greets us as the sun rises. Photo class begins our big boy behind the lens and Elektra his muse. I feed all three babies and its a miracle we even brush teeth. From that moment of waking we are in 4th gear non stop.

We stroll up Coogee Bay Rd to the shops, to see Dr. Eliades for Keanu’s bung eye, and to get weighed at the Community Centre. Little man has a bout of conjunctivitis and gets prescribed drops. Both babies are weighing in at over 8kg, and afew times we stopped for feeds as they told me they were HUNGRY. Sweet potato, yoghurt, banana; mouths open as baby birds do.

We stroll home in glorious weather at times Elektra fast asleep, at others her bro. At no time are they both asleep simultaneously. I am ON all the bloody time. My head pounds and I figure its because I’m dehydrated. Doesn’t cause me to get some water though.

One hour is all we have back home enough time for chicken lunch al fresco our first time dining in the front yard. Kids loved having trees for their dining view.

To Bondi Junction and here finally Kassandra meets the little ones, who are in fine form performing with eyes and smiles. Its Keanu who is the chatterbox tonight!

Home finally at 7pm all in bed exhausted.