19-08-18 Lyon Day 5

Sunday 19th August 2018

Delicious, unexpectedly tasty and vast buffet petit-déjeuner. And neither of us wish to leave the restaurant here at Mama Shelter.

Kingsley is obsessed with the rotisserie-style toaster: inserts slice after slice of bread and Brioche which means we (read: I) am obliged to eat it all. But who cares! I’m loving it. So is he to be honest.

Necessary to walk this breakfast off so we explore a fantastic free Parcour course up the road. No stopping the champ climb and haul himself up into nets notwithstanding my very poor footware choice for him – flip flops. He’s got the fear in him for splinters considering his feet currently store two whoppers, so he won’t take his flip flops off. Still, he climbs!

After our buffet petit-déjeuner

Free outdoors Parcour at the Parc Blandon

Our stay: Mama Shelter Lyon

And we’re off walking through the 7th Arrondissimenten route to the Rhone after lunch. At 30° Lyon is baking, our choice of arvo well spent is at the Tony Bertrand Centre Nautique along the west bank.

Heaven here! The sparkling river, devastating Renaissance-era buildings, super cool French ladies and dashing men…and moody, tempestuous little French girls whom Kingsley wants to play with in the endless pools and splash pads but they’re giving him the cold shoulder.

He’s cool though. Funds aplenty of confidence and intrinsic joy so finds others to play with in the pools. He likes introducing himself with ‘je m’appelle Kingsley’ after his ‘bonjour’ to them.

At 7:15 the pool attendants kick us out of the Centre but Kingsley is NOT ready for our hotel room. Chancing on a game of petanque by the river bank we sit, watch, cheer then bid ‘au revoir’ the players. I’ve really got to lure the kiddo back with something: so he gets tasty chicken breast nuggets from a buzzing Lyon brasserie. Jackpot! He eats all of them. And we’re finally home.

Crossing the Rhőne at le Pont de l’universitě

Swimming at the Centre Nautique Tony Bertrand

Watching two Frenchmen play petanque at Place Ollier