When the endless torment of urban life conspires its way into the working woman’s shoulders, inflicting injury – her neck aching and muscles bunched together – the call of the Spa cajoles her to action. Measures must be taken; appointments must be fixed…

Amara Spa Park Hyatt Dubai, UAE: NIKON D3000 NIKKOR, AF-S 1.4G, f/4.5; 1/125sec; ISO-100

Amara Spa Park Hyatt Dubai, UAE: NIKON D3000 NIKKOR LENS AF-S 1.4G, f/4.5; 1/125sec; ISO-100

Be it a deep tissue massage, or a hydrating facial mask, a salt scrub or a session of foot reflexology, the blessed decompression that accompanies those precious few hours well spent in the Spa borders on the necessary.

You are invited to enter this corridor – a photographic chronicle – from which you will glean the sublime design of certain Spas; the devotee’s every therapeutic wish her practitioner’s joy to administer…


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