04-10-18 Being an Olive

Thursday 4th September 2018

Its JiaJia Dora’s birthday today – 79 years young. Great to hear she feels good too. Of course she wants to fetch Linus from school drop off, then go shopping at My Market; its their afternoon thing together. With each supermarket grocery visit Kingsley chooses the milk he’d like to drink (chocolate; goat’s) then wander around with JiaJia adding items to items cart. Including giant Kinder Surprise Eggs. Hmmm.

That’s the fun of afternoons. Our mornings however begin with bananas, yoghurt and the child’s most recent food obsession, ham & cheese melts. With all of that down his throat, crazy high energy levels look like the above, as we await the school bus.

School today meant an excursion to learn about olives, olive oil production and the olive grove. The children were encouraged to ‘be an olive’. I’ll keep that little video forever!