12-02-17 Valentines Day Card Watercolours

Sunday 12th February 2017

In the hour before I could finally open my eyes this morning, Kingsley’s excited little voice told me he was following his Bah-Bah about the apartment – watching Erroll shave, go to the loo, select his uniform pieces, dress. They even pumped up Kingsley’s new mini soccer ball together. The luxury of being allowed to sleep in is never lost on me – I take it where I can, and this morning I took the blessed hour in bed, by myself, while the lads went about their morning ritual.

When Erroll was ready to leave for his London Gatwick flight at 9 am I finally got out of bed. Kisses farewell then it was straight into the business of feeding a very hungry toddler his breakfast. Kingsley’s day begins with two babybel cheeses, two fried eggs, two small bowls of rice puff cereal with milk, then half a banana.

He is bouncing off the walls with energy after this nourishment so we go about exploring many of his toys and more so these days, his activities. His chalkboard, his white board, plasticine and moulds, puzzles and interactive books. However our Big Activity for the day was cracking open his new watercolours and painting his Bah-Bah’s Valentines Card. I even painted one for Erroll too!