02-08-20 Twins: Zoo

Sunday 2nd August 2020

A glorious Winter’s day to be out among the animals. Not that we saw many – the odd kangaroo, echidna, alpaca and meercat – but the highlight of the day – nay, their lives – was the wet play area at the petting zoo. The babies dived right in!

Keanu in his woollen jumper and Polo shirt beneath wet to his sopping nappy; Elektra splashing with her arms teaching Keanu of the joys in splashing. Their first water play experience! Won’t be their last either.

Meanwhile Elektra took control of the stairs leading up to the slippery dip barring other kids from climbing up with her two arms outstretched. She allowed only her twin brother to join her. Keanu today became obsessed with the slide. “wee!” he’d chime as he slid down held by either me or μπαμπά.