12-05-20 Kingsley: Σκουφί

Tuesday 12th May 2020

I nearly had a nervous breakdown yesterday. Kingsley YELLING for my ATTENTION non stop , me feeding Keanu as he sat on my knee, Elektra crying like a lunatic to be held, me stuffing food down my throat, threatening Kingsley to bloodywell READ HIS SCHOOL BOOK, me feeding Keanu who then chokes on a piece of chicken and then VOMITS IT ALL UP over me, the floor the carpet. Kingsley of course doubles over in fits of laughter and going crazy from hysteria over the baby vomit (again, a vomit μαμά? he asks) drops any motivation to read that second.

Today’s a better day. Kingsley RUNS INTO SCHOOL every morning. All the joys of his buddies in a confined space is his ultimate dream. And no mumma force feeding him during lunch! Couldn’t get him to eat his soggy sandwich after school, so I appeal to the capitalist in him with an invitation to go grocery shopping before ZOOM jiu-jitsu. He likes the idea. At any rate we buy what he wants as zi sneak in his after school snack of banana and yoghurt: pizza in preparation for Friday’s Playdate with Lachie and ice cream for now. Its fun and we’re silly all the way home in the chill of Sydney. Wearing our Σκουφί is our thing together.

Tonight however while we were doing homework I was cranky and short with him. He wanted to be playful and joke. I got even more irritated. Finally he says “mum why are you like this? Why don’t you smile more?” Broke my heart a bit but then made him tell me how much he loves me!

From this moment I will be much more playful with my wise son.