05-11-18 Medicare Card

Monday 5th November 2018

Its nothing short of a beurocratic miracle: I managed to convince Centrelink Maroubra to grant Kingsley a Medicare Card. Yippee!! Only took three hours there shuffling paper and a lot of harping from the child whenever the battery to my phone died…for how could he play ‘Puppy Salon’?

And to think this occured in the afternoon. We achieved even more this morning: an eye test for Linus at Dr. Ian Kennedy’s rooms. He sees just fine from both eyes is the conclusion. Accompanying JiaJia Dora for her annual eye screening is fruitful for there on the carpeted floor of his surgery is a treasure trove of toys and games.

Not a peep from the child I hear; no demands for my phone or to play a game or to download games or to uninstall existing apps (thus making room for new games!!)…for simple building blocks keeps Kingsley bewitched the entire hour we’re there.

Now to figure out how to uninstall his deep addiction for online games. First port of call this evening: a walk through our local ‘jungle’, Fred Hollows Reserve. Nature proved just the antidote to the digital hyperstimulation of crappy online games…