07-06-16 Two and a Half Today

Tuesday 7th June 2016

Two-and-a-half today!
Ahhhh Erroll, while you reach another fitness milestone in Phuket today, we are all energizer bunny here in Greece. Kingsley will go crazy happy when you two reunite. Weather notwithstanding, you two will be at the park every day. He definitely seeks older boys /girls to play with for their superior agility and skills, than the sleepy/dull toddlers of his age.

I am truth be told, really sad at the Dubai weather will be horrid when we get back; perhaps swimming each day you are in town will help the situation. We have mates at UP Tower who have all said we can use our old pool. Kingsley looks to be in the sea daily, even among the small waves that wash up.

Tina, I am implementing some discipline tactics while out. Definitely necessary lest he go crazy and hurt another kidlet. I get down on his level, and through protests give him the attention his behaviour warrants.

Right now it’s 1:30pm and we have had a full day in the chirrens playground. K is passed out after early lunch of oranges and pan-seared veal medallion. At the park, a German 3.5 year old girl-very skittish, hysterical and shy-freaked out with either myself or Kingsley approaching her to play, and then especially with Kingsley taking her two colourful play cups-just snatching them from her. And bolting. He is extraordinarily FAST. Omg the German girl crying!!

While K ran away with them, a quick consultative glance with her mum gave me the go ahead to try another tactic. That was to offer the little girl-name Sasha- Kingsley’s toy pram. Sasha immediately refused but then liked it and as I began explaining, she can use Kingsley’s toys while I go find Kingsley and he will return her toys. So she is now instantly happy playing with a pram and with sweet tone I commend Kingsley for the ‘levèndi’ he is (basic yet inaccurate translation from Greek term: gentleman, scholar, kind youth, wise, noble, doing good for all the right reasons and none at all – kind of guy), now that ‘you are returning the toy cups to the little girl’. He liked the praise and the happy little girl opened her hands and took receipt of her toy cups. Well, the Greek play ground community clapped and praised our boy. Sasha was thrilled cause she then got her toys back a new play mate in Kingsley.

Next K showed what he can do physically- climb monkey bars all by himself. It is a physically difficult challenge considering how to scale the monkey bar at first then maneuver his body out of the tall tower without falling, then grasp the monkey bars, then haul his body over the wall of the tower and then hold on to the metal bars up high all without falling a distance down. Sasha who prior to their meeting, refused to try any physical exercise, well she now sought to do just as Kingsley did: use the monkey bars! Her German mum and dad, who by this stage were mouths agog by Kingsley’s abilities and courage, were thrilled to help their girl climb the monkey bars. She loved it, yelled so happy, and ran around just like Kingsley proud as punch.

By watching and playing with Kingsley, she learned so much. And Sasha calmed down, stopped crying like a sook, got brave and began really enjoying herself at the park. Her dad high-fived Kingsley and came across his sook daughter showed another side. To think Sasha is a full year older than Kingsley…

Rest assured there were others in the park who cast judgment my way and even worse, muttered just what a tyrant ‘that boy is.’ Omg did I let rip on this awful, mean spirited and spiteful JiaJia of twin two year old girls there today at the park. Her granddaughters, God love them, she kept under her witches’ spell to remain delayed, frightened, twitchy, insular, dull, stupid. She refused to allow them to venture on any toys, rides or swings, and she would call them to never leave her side. I heard her, as others did, tell them CONSTANTLY that they will FALL, they will HURT THEMSELVES, they CANNOT DO IT, that they are TOO WEAK and GIRLS CANT DO THAT, BETTER COME HERE TO JIAJIA. Her own daughter, the twin’s mum, could hear it all. She was either too exhausted to care any more or just thankful she has help with her twins to tells her mum to shut up.

I gave it to the JiaJia, respectfully and never out of line, when she ventured to opine how by giving ‘your son strict discipline and punishment’ he will stop being naughty. And then I really give it to her when she told me it is ‘wrong that I allow my son to push a pram, and a pink one with flower motif on it’.

In the end, we all got on well, found understanding, and took an interest in each other’s kids. I made sure there was no bad blood afterwards. But it made me very protective of Kingsley (and sad for those dull twins).

Kingsley ate like an adult male today, no joke.
Breakfast: two eggs sunny side up- and I mean the lot finished, plus 2 slices butter brown bread toast & some milk.
Morning tea: an entire large banana, whole orange, two slices toast
Lunch: pan seared veal medallions & carrots then whole banana.
Afternoon tea: mandarin, milk.
Dinner: an ENTIRE lamb souvlaki, hot chippies, tzatzîki, pita bread. Milk. Never seen anything like it.