My 2nd Pregnancy Diaries

Monday 10th April 2017

Today I cried. It’s rare that my emotions spill out of my usually sensible faculties however news of a Hartley pregnancy took my breath away. The good Doctor Nikos swept up close to me as I sat in his waiting room – of course I stood the instant he opened his office door – and with a loud, proud voice, declared me pregnant. Tears fell suddenly and freely, and my arms embraced his big gowned torso. Doctor Nikos made us pregnant but only just: eleven days of pregnancy have passed. Congratulations came from all quarters of his clinic! Hopeful patients read for embryo transfer; newly pregnant ladies awaiting their scan; the nurse who too my blood thirty minutes prior and delighted clinic staff. I hung around the clinic for the next hour processing the news, reframing my mind and patting my (already plump) abdomen.

Here is the diary of my second pregnancy…

Just married, at Christmas, in Mosman NSW. Kid free