30-07-19 Kingsley: Mufasa

Tuesday 30th July 2019

Daddy does the morning run while Keanu and I do the after school run on this overcast Tuesday. We’re on the 3:03pm 313 bus service bound for Bondi Junction and Kingsley has two things on his mind: 1) to visit Woolies in order to get a crack at finding the final Lion King Ooshie (Mufasa) and 2) to visit the phone shop in order to play games on the display phones.

While I dangle the carrot of such fun adventures Kingsley eats his dinner of παστίτσιο and gets dressed for jiu-jitsu. Ιt is at this moment we see that mumma has forgotten the child’s Gi. And I finally see just hiw handsome our boy looks in his borrowed white one.

50 minutes later – after a wild class of strong technique but no discipline – we’re at Woolies and here Kingsley turns on his courage and assertive behaviour. At the check outs he asks customers with big orders for their Ooshies. And what do you know they all give up their Ooshies to him. In one of these packets lies the very last Ooshie Kingsley needs to completehhis collector’s box: a Mufasa.

The kid is so overwhelmingly grateful that he proceeds to give away his doubles: to kids at the checkouts, to kids in the parents room and on our way home to two kids on the bus. The one boy across from us cries inconsolably so Kingsley gives him a zip lock bag full. That kid’s tears stop and much to his mother’s relief his bellowing ends to. The entire bus commends Kingsley for sharing his toys and making a sad boy smile again.