19-11-20 Twins: Baker Park

Thursday 19th November 2020

Our pilgrimage up the steep Car Street each Thursday (save for rainy days) leads three children – Teah, Kingsley and Jesse all of whom hold dripping Bulla icecreams – up to Baker Park this afternoon for a play.

The twins are delighted to be playing free-range as I let them enjoy themselves which today leads to a sandy pit. And in this pit Keanu plonk, and is immediately covered in dirty soil most of which Jesse flicks on him. Plus it’s a hot afternoon and the kids are perspiring and fully covered in sticky sweet stuff thanks to the melted icecreams.

I of course don’t cope well with touching the dirty children add to it both babies do massive poo I must wash their entire bodies at the toilets before they go anywhere near the Valco Snap Duo.