06-06-18 Anchor Bar Pool

Wednesday 6th June 2018

The Alice & Erroll show continues while Kingsley is at school. Its swim lesson day for him and for his parents long walks and swims in secluded coves.

Kingsley comes home with an orange paper bag filled with treats; baloons, soft candy, colour pencils, books and stickers. He’s so loved by his teacher and Principal, I just feel it. The pressie I suspect is for his saints feast day yesterday. Traditional here has it that the parents send the child to school on his name day with cookies / sweets for his whole class to enjoy. Since I’m a lame mum, Miss Xrisoūla must’ve given him the treats.

At any rate Kingsley shares them around offering Kirīa Kiki a tasty sweet this arvo in our hallway. Kirīa Kiki never offends the offerer with talk of ‘no, I mustn’t.’ Kirīa Kiki makes Kingsley beam for having accepted his gift.

Very soon after school drop off, checking out the content of his pressie, bananas, milk, toilet time and the Kirīa Kiki hallway incident, the lads go swimming. Kingsley’s choice as to where and its our Anchor Bar pool again.

Makes me insanely happy as I get a full 2 hours all to myself while they’re down there.

Calling them up for dinner is a mission though. A little friend made yesterday is back today so he’s reluctant to leave. I lure Kingsley up with promises of Nickelodeon and chicken pilaf. Works a treat.