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30 Days of Gratefulness-Ramadan: Part 20 Shawwal

The end of Ramadan has been called! The Moon Sighting Committee of Saudi Arabia spotted that critical sliver of silver yon high this evening; the crescent of the new moon which signals the first day of the Shawwal month. Shawwal is the … Continue reading

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30 Days of Gratefulness-Ramadan Part 19: Gulf Waters Gulf Oil

One of the most critical bodies of water in world politics is right at my door step, here in the heart of the Middle East. My local hotwater whirlpool as I’ve named it; salty, warm and very inviting, the Arabian Gulf creates … Continue reading

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Sovereign Wealth

SWF. That the acronym for those in the know. Well I cannot claim much personal knowledge of sovereign wealth, let alone a fund named in its honour. What I do understand from living in the Gulf Cooperative Council region is that many of the Arab … Continue reading

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