Kingsley: Saoirse Bolye from The Springs

February 2018

Yesterday, on Tuesday 20th Kingsley had a play/pool date with Rebecca’s son, Oscar. That day he met siblings Tierney and Saoirse, with whom he got along really well. However it was a fledgling infatuation between little Saoirse, not yet 3, and Kingsley that caused her mum Michele and I to plan our first play date as new pals – for today.

We met at fantastic Kidspalloza in Times Square and at the instant of spotting Saoirse, Kingsley threw himself at her disposal. She preferred to climb? Off he went to accompany her. Wanted to play with Plasticine? Kingsley took her by the hand to the craft table. Suddenly thirst? It was to be his water bottle that he must drink from. And in fact held it for her.

In turn Saoirse shared all her cookies with him and Michele bought them popcorn which they scattered all over the floor and he directed her to eat it up like a chicken would. Ha ha ha.