04-11-18 Julian from Melbourne

Sunday 4th November 2018

Sunday morning is all about daddy. I’ve noticed for the longest time now that whenever Erroll is home I’m merely the lady who delivers breakfast to the table. And so it is today: the lads get delicious honey toast and milk then apples under the pergola. Then walk down to the beach for a body surf.

I prepare for Julian Swindells’ arrival from Melbourne: our second interstate visitor over two weekends! For today’s occasion we’ve vanilla bean icecream, cupcakes, chilled Moscato wine and filling παστίτσιο.

I’m dazzle by Kingsley’s warmth toward our visitor. Last time these two met we played at Erskenville Park over a picnic. Mark Keating Julian’s betrothed was with us peeling back Bulla icecream yoghurt packaging. Was that a year ago?

Fast forward to today at our new family home in Coogee on the balcony filled with sunlight and Kingsley’s toys and the of course the love of good friends 55 years apart on age but most equal in spirit…