05-03-19 Kingsley: Mummă’s Morning

Tuesday 5th March 2019

I barely survive a sleepless night. I reckon I received no more than 2 hours in total actual rest. Twins are unsettled in the extreme. I’m forever washing bums and changing nappies. Bird-like mouths demand boob or bottle. I’m so delirious its a miracle that I function however i must. So its either to the kitchen Elektra is hoisted or to the bathroom Keanu is presented. Then vice versa. I deal with bums and mouths from the hours of 11pm through 7am.

And then I simply must hand the twins over to muma Dora without a fuss for Kingsley must be attended to. An entire morning ritual through to getting out the door on time to get to school by 9am is all I can think of. Every 5 minutes I threaten the child with ‘being sent to the school Principal’s office’. Eat!  Drink! Go to toilet! ! Practice your reading!! Revise your numbers boob!! Now go get changed; I sm definite sending you to Mr. Townsend’s OFFICE!!

Teeth and hair miss out; I simply cannot fit into today’s hectic routine to pull a brush across the child’s mop nor to freshen his pearly whites. Tonight we will do both.