15-02-19 School Run Mum

Friday 15th February 2019

Thinking it’ll be such a welcome surprise for him, I keep my face a little hidden from Kingsley as Miss Penousis leads her class (KP) up to the quadrangle at 2pm. There he is! Big shiny face looking about!! Has he seen me? I’m so excited to be finally here, at school, to pick him up. Its been two weeks already of Erroll doing both morning and arvo school runs, and I have missed out.

But what is this? REJECTION? Kingsley is spotted me…and is asking for his dad! He is now stomping his feet and flailing him arms demanding daddy pick him up ! I have been kicked to the curb by my own son!

Nevertheless I keep cool: through all of his protests and distraught crying, thrashing about for daddy, Kingsley only receives my loving and kind self. All the way home he needs to know where Μπαμπά is. And when μπαμπά returns. Now, do I tell the child Erroll only gets back on Sunday night? Play it safe by saying he’ll be back ‘tomorrow’? Truth is, Erroll is with his brothers Phet & Pesa, their 19 year-long bromance being celebrated on the Gold Coast till – well, I actually don’t know what time Erroll returns!

Must’ve done an okay job soothing our son all the way home because the tears stopped and his sassy self returns as we play in the Dolphin Street Community Garden. From here we sing all the way home with one setback at Doggie Park: something triggers Kingsley to cry for his dad again.

But I persevere with a thousand kisses and assurances that I want him! Off we go finally to Jiu-jitsu via walking and cab up to Bondi Junction, the cabride cementing my rockstar status with the child. For he wants a car…and in the least a cab ride to ferry him about. This I deliver. And with that I am back to being wanted!