15-11-20 Twins: Separated

Sunday 15th November 2020

While Elektra sleeps for over two hours in her Quinny Buzz out the front in our garden being minded by Γιαγιά Dora, Keanu is partying with Kingsley at Lawrence at his 5th birthday party down at Coogee Beach. I am drinking organic champagne with Zennia at the Botanic Gardens knowing both babies are being looked after.

Mum reports that Elektra sleeps for 2 hours 15 minutes then eats an entire bowl of pasta all by herself using a fork. And Erroll gives Keanu chocolate Hagen Das icecream on his πιπίλα the evidence of which is smeared over his face. I’m buzzing from the exquisite tasting menu and booze Zennia and I laze over for hours finally being kicked out as the dinner service was being prepared.

Sleeping arrangements are going fine on night 4: Erroll and Keanu in one bedroom, me and the rest in Kingsley’s bedchamber.