Stay at Home Mumaa: 27 Months

Tuesday 8th March 2016

On this, the day after Kingsley turned 27 months of age, I decided to spend every moment with him and not share my attention with anyone else. This was a no-brainier because this little kidlet is such great fun, and such good company, and ever the conversationalist, and forever curious to what I have to say, that it makes full time parenting a pleasure. As in, this has to be the best gig I have ever won.

Here is how our day progressed: after his 13.5 hour snooze fest I am quite prepared to wake for the thirsty little man. It’s milk and play till an egg, and some toast, then a dance to some of his favourite  Greek tunes which makes me long to speak with Kingsley’s JiaJia Dora. So we call and she delights in his cute phraseology, which is the perfect segue for her it seems once again ask when will we be flying to Sydney. She misses her grandson. Clearly not me though!!

By 11:30am we are back in bed for naps, and boy does this child nap well. Three solid hours. He gets a salmon fillet for lunch, and we are out the door for adventures. We walk of course, and take in this delightful mild climate, all the way to Burj Khalifa, The Armani Hotel, Burj Park and the dancing fountains. We spot sticks and stones along the way, play superheroes barefoot, walk more, wade in the fountains, get in trouble by security, dry ourselves off then head to the park where scores of toddlers are out with their mums, who all are terribly friendly and insist that Kingsley plays with their chirren’s ride-on toys.

Nourishment is next: Kingsley enjoys lasagne from Waitrose, there and then, eaten at the counter, and I complete a pantry shop so that we have staples for the morrow. Home to a piece of Babybell cheese, a bath, then lights out for the trooper. Happy 27th my darling!

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