19-03-18 The Farm

Monday 19th March 2018

Today Kingsley watched a portly sow wallow in her muddy sty at The Farm while Oma & I ate delicious breakfast.

He couldn’t sit at the table once we arrived and nor did we expect him to what with the extensive outdoor play area right there, along the dirt track to the chooks and ponies. He made friends quickly and with little effort on his part. All it took was ‘you want to play?’ And off the kids would go.

Today Kingsley also – once again – walked a stranger’s dog. He wants so much to per dogs. So again today, spotting two small ones, he asked very politely to hikd the lead. Off he went toward the pecan farm with a black poodle.

In the afternoon we’re either in the pool or playing at Inosha’s house with Rai & Alfie who lend him their scooter, balance bike and helmet. They jump on the trampoline  rendering is adults prisoners there till they climb off. They eat yoghurt & crackers with relish.