Ch. 8: High Energy

As I entered into the holy grail of the newly pregnant – the second trimester – a very welcome rush of energy came over me and seemed to wash away any residue of lethargy, tiredness and exhaustion I felt in the those first thirteen weeks of gestation. Was it the psychological boost of knowing I had “made it”; that is, safely past that scary place in time when the unthinkable may occur to the fetus? Passing thirteen weeks I definitely breathed a little easier, and settled into being “pregnant” though I definitely was not showing. At all…

13 week pregnant and feeling fine: at the Armani Hotel, Dubai

13 week pregnant and feeling fine: at the Armani Hotel, Dubai

Now that my body was adjusting to being in a state of pregnancy, I recalibrated my activity level. From here on in I was all about walking around various picturesque spots of Dubai, no back ache to contend with (ah, just you wait Alice; at twenty one weeks you’ll be yearning for a massage and a good shoulder manipulation) nor feelings of wooziness or lightheadedness (farewell that ever so slight nausea I battled early on!!) All I felt was HIGH ENERGY. And this was most expendable.

Enter: the swimming pool. Daily swims. Each afternoon laps of freestyle and breaststroke, done straight after my afternoon walk. My body cannot get enough of floating about now! And back ache which creeps up on me while at the office is wiped away the instant I gingerly step into our pool. To our little Hartley Seahorse – these swims are for you. Doubtless you daily bask in the floatation tank that is your amniotic bathtub, and it is with pleasure that I introduce you to this gravity-free life aquatic!




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