15-01-20 Twins: Fed

Wednesday 15th January 2020

A fellow mumma asked our village why her 9 month old is beginning to refuse the breast. Her guilt over this. What to do. Here was my reply:

You asked afew questions: 1) are you selfish to want to continue to bf: NO! You do you, mama. Bf away! 2) is he better off on formula now? Technically no he isn’t. But maybe yes he is! You can compliment your mama milk with formula if you believe it’ll help your situation.

3) When to stop? So personal. In my life, I had to stop Kingsley bf’ing at 3.4 years of age; my other son stopped on his own at 9 months, and daughter Elektra age almost 12 mths is still going strong. With the two younger babies I fed them goat milk.

Jessica yes villager: Keanu ever so slowly began preferring a bottle of goat milk or formula over my boob prolly because he got a quicker amount of milk from the bottle. He’s a big oompah loompah and hungry so I went with his lead. I feed him a bottle of cold goat milk straight from the fridge and alhumdullalah he’s not ever sick.

Remember a hungry baby will be cranky and cry. A baby with full tummy is happy and content. Here is my chuppa chup who took himself off the boob, thriving at 11 months! And the girl still on boob but given goat milk. Both healthy and chubby.

Meanwhile we have finally laid down turf! I was done with sitting on bate concrete.