01-07-20 Twins: Centennial Park

Wednesday 1st July 2020

It feels like summer! Sunshine, warmth, tiny cool breeze, and outdoor pursuits. We meet up with cousins Goldie & Tilly at Centennial Park bike track playground. Kiddies are obsessed with the swing and climbing anything, the slippery dip and feeding the black swabs.

Keanu is now fully fledged walking albeit with the drunken swagger. Elektra got one look of Tilly’s scooter and was riding, daddy breaking his back pushing her round and round.

Both are really vocal bleating non stop then bellowing whenever we’re all in the car together. The less Keanu sucks on his πιπίλα the more he chats. Now they even follow instructions given to them in Greek: hand your sister some bread (he does); take his πιπίλα out of his mouth (she does).