03-02-20 Kingsley: Lawrence Playdate

Monday 3rd February 2020

Ahh, mama is relaxed today for daddy is at home all day long!  Which means I’m pleasantly amiable and relaxed enough to put Keanu to nap in the day and sleep at night. Meanwhile I escape with Kingsley and daddy to Bondi Junction for my shopping ritual (feeding three growing children is no joke). Kingsley has his favourites: yoghurts, blueberry laban, bananas and because he’s on a Playdate with Lawrence, he gets quality icecreams to share.

He also shares his clothes and toys with Lawrence: loads of Batman t-shirts, shorts and jeans which Lawrence wears immediately. The boys play 4-In-A-Row and Jenga, argue over who’s cheating then Lawrence bangs his head on the train and gets rushed to hospital. And that’s the end of their Playdate.