Kingsley: 3-1-12 Growth Spurt


How can you be nuzzling about my chest then crying madly for the breast every hour? And even when you are done, all of a sudden you start up again ready to guzzle some more. Darling, you are making me fret, wondering if I am providing you with enough milk. But the books tell me to relax; Kingsley my baby, you are not starving (even though you act like it). You have just hit your first growth spurt — the first of about five you’ll experience during the first year.

To grow bigger is your main objective, and triple your body weight in 12 months is the aim of the feeding game. Surprising for me is that a lot of that growth happens in short, intense bursts, one of which is happening right now, at three weeks.

So how do I recognize a growth spurt? Son, you want to eat nonstop. Then you’re up more often at night literally howling for a midnight snack, then one at 2 a.m., and 4 a.m., and so. Finally, you are one cranky, moody bebe. At the breast you are extra fussy, latching and unlatching because you want more milk right now.

Darling, mumma is doing her best to boost production at the milking shed. In the meantime, go right ahead: the buffet is all-you-can eat…

Attached to the breast twelve out of twenty four hours

Attached to the breast twelve out of twenty four hours

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