22-12-19 Twins: A Caristo Christmas

Sunday 22nd December 2019

Our babies did extraordinarily well today being schlepped to the Caristo Christmas lunch, falling asleep immediately in the car only starting to cry literally 2 minutes before we pull up. Then at the party all smiles since they were hardly ever put down. Alessia and Alana took turns holding them both as they did when Linus was born.

We go on a train adventure when daddy heads to work. Instead of going home the four of us take the Rockdale train directly to Bondi Junction Elektra asleep for a portion of the ride. She’s okay while we’re moving (but not too much lurching!) then its party time at the LEGO store as big bro freeplays. I take advantage of this half hour in LEGO to feed the kiddos yoghurt. Their latest trick is taking yoghurt through a pouch, directly into their hungry mouths!